The Craft

The Process

Each item is meticulously made by hand using traditional tools and techniques I have learned since I started leather work in 2015.

I begin by inspecting each hide for any blemishes or imperfections to avoid and then begin marking out my templates using a scratch awl and ruler.

I am incredibly proud to say that each item is cut, stitched, bevelled and burnished by hand to ensure a product that is of superior quality and durability to anything made by machine.



The Materials

A brief insight into the materials I use and where they come from.

Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather - Conceria Walpier - Italy

Buttero leather from Conceria Walpier in Italy is known or its beautiful array of vibrant colours and smooth surface. Initially a firm temper but this will soften slightly and take on a stunning patina with use. The finish of this leather is outstanding and is the reason why I use it for almost all of my goods.

Traditional Bridle Leather - J&FJ Baker - UK

J&FJ Baker is the last remaining tannery in Britain to be producing Oak Bark tanned leather. Known worldwide for its strength and durability.
Local Devon hides go through a slow and gentle tannage which can take 14 months before being finished with a special blend of oils and greases which feed and protect the leather and bring out the natural grain and colour.

Solid brass hardware - UK and Japan

Bonded Polycord - Japan

I have tried many different threads over the years including Linen and Polyester. This bonded polycord from Japan is by far the best and is what I use in almost all of my products.

Leather and Thread samples are available for a small fee.
Please contact me to discuss further.